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Phoenix Facts

In case you did not read this on the school website, we are reposting it here: The Phoenix is a mythological bird from Arabia.The Phoenix has red and gold feathers and resembles an eagle.Only ONE Phoenix can exist at a time.The Phoenix lives for 500 years or more.When the Phoenix is old, it builds a... Continue Reading →

YouTube’s New Policy Will Change Millions of Lives

by: Nathan B. When the state of New York sued Youtube for collecting kids’ data for personalized ads, YouTube went to work. The new policy will be that anyone under 13 will have to watch YouTube Kids. I think that’s BS. Like, there are plenty of kids Channels that adults love too, Like LEGO channels... Continue Reading →

Black History Month Celebration

By: Nadia B. On the evening of February 13 at Kenmore Middle School, groups of students representing multiple Arlington Public Schools took the stage to celebrate Black History Month. Students from Dorothy Hamm Middle School, (thanks to the hard work and dedication of Ms. Elliott) recited a poem written by Dorothy Hamm called “It’s Just... Continue Reading →

Tales of the Phoenix Logo Contest

Did you know that the DHMS newspaper logo needs to be updated? Are you good at art? The Newspaper Club is looking for art submissions. Please consider entering the logo contest to have your art as the Tales of the Phoenix logo! The deadline is Thursday, January 9, 2020. Submit your art here at: 

DHMS Needs to Be Trash Aware

By: Nadia - “At my house we have compost, which helps because you’re not throwing away a bunch of food,” sixth grader Julia told me when I interviewed her. When you first walk into the cafeteria, you see two bins, trash and recycling, but which is more full? Probably trash. Usually, by the end of... Continue Reading →

StudentVUE is Not the Best

By: Nathan - I personally love checking my grades on StudentVUE, but it stresses me out too much. It pushes me to keep up my good grades until the point that I almost go insane. I mean, if you have bad grades, this is the perfect app for you. You can check what you need... Continue Reading →

APS Marching Showcase (10/24/2019)

By OpheliaOn October, 24, 2019, a historic thing happened. Dorothy Hamm made its first musical performance, at the APS Marching Showcase on . The Wind Ensemble and the Symphonic Band combined to play “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco. It had a well received reception. The APS Marching Showcase is an event every year... Continue Reading →

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