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DHMS Needs to Be Trash Aware

By: Nadia –

“At my house we have compost, which helps because you’re not throwing away a bunch of food,” sixth grader Julia told me when I interviewed her. When you first walk into the cafeteria, you see two bins, trash and recycling, but which is more full? Probably trash. Usually, by the end of lunch, the trash can is practically overflowing, but it’s not with food packaging scraps, it’s mostly fruits, vegetables, and school lunch. What if we had a compost bin?

Composting food is recycling it into mulch, which is greener and reduces landfill. With the ongoing construction, the workers are also planting trees around the school.  If we compost our food, we get free mulch for planting trees and plants. Also, what about the flowers that teachers get on Teacher Appreciation Day? When they wilt, there is no option but to trash them, and someday, they will end up in a landfill. If we get a compost bin, those flowers and plants will actually end up helping to grow more plants.

Getting a compost bin may be expensive, but what it produces is great, and it is something that could really benefit our school.

Trash found on the stairs 😦

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