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Time to Vote on Next School Year Calendar

By Margad —

APS is seeking feedback from students, teachers and parents about which days we should start school next year and which days will be holidays. There are 3 options to offer feedback.

The Link to the Survey

Calendar One Option: This calendar features a pre-Labor Day start to school. To make sure there are 181 regular student reporting days, APS begins school the last full week of August. This makes that the last day for elementary students be June 17th, and teachers’ last reporting day to be June 18th.

Calendar Option Two: This calendar features school starting after Labor Day.  The last reporting day for students and employees is June 25th in this option.

Calendar Option Three: APS would be matching the claendar of our neighboring school system, Fairfax Public Schools Calendar. It has school starting before Labor Day.

My Takeaway: Honestly I don’t really care. However, I like being asked and I’d pick Option 3 because I have a lot of friends who go to Fairfax schools.

What is your preference? I suggest you click and take the survey and let APS know your thoughts!!

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