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Dorothy Hamm Girls Basketball Team vs. Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Dorothy Hamm Girls Basketball Team Vs. Jefferson
End score: 20-41

The fourth game of the season, the Lady Phoenix jogged onto the gym floor, ready for action. Sixth, seventh, eighth graders, and parents sat on the bleachers, anticipating the tip-off. And then it came.

Dorothy Hamm grabbed the ball. Cheers were heard all around. Suddenly, a Jefferson player clad in a blue jersey snatched the ball. Everyone shouted, “DEFENSE!” Everywhere you looked, proud parents, teachers and kids were recording the game, and Ms. Dabney and a girl from the Jefferson team manned the scoretable. In the first few minutes, Jefferson was ahead by five points, yet Dorothy Hamm did not give up. When the Lady Phoenix made a shot in the game, everyone in the bleachers stood up, faces filled with absolute happiness, screaming with joy, and the cheerleaders cheered loudly.

Even though they were losing, the Lady Phoenix fought with fire. You could see it in their faces, fierce determination urging them on. At halftime, the score was 7-15. The cheerleaders did a halftime show, shouting “DOROTHY HAMM PHOENIX!” The teams switched baskets, and soon enough, Jefferson was in the lead with 7-31. 

Close to the end of the game, two players on the Lady Phoenix made 3-point shots. At that moment, all the students leapt out of their seats on the bleachers, and SCREAMED. Everyone’s spirits were brought up with those small moments of hope, but in the end, Jefferson won. “We need to work on defense and boxing out,” the Lady Phoenix coach said. In conclusion, DHMS will work harder, and maybe win another game.

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