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Canvas is… Not the Best Way to To Work

By: Henry
I am seriously annoyed by canvas. I mean, it’s not a bad app, but it’s way better to do it on paper. First off, we are less likely to make mistakes. For instance, since it’s hard to write on canvas, 23/13 might become 2 3/13. I have made that mistake several times. Also, it’s really hard to use in general, like it’s even a pain to find your assignment.

Another thing is that with canvas, kids spend way more time on electronics. I think that electronics aren’t evil, but some people seem to think they are like brain-destroying alien devices. And so I really don’t see why they give us stuff like canvas. It’s APS’s alternative to pencil and paper, but pencil and paper was way better. We don’t have room for creativity on canvas.

Now, there are benefits to canvas, but they don’t outweigh the downsides. Plus, when everything is digital, it replaces cool stuff we only can get on paper. Like, in first grade, we made writing portfolios, and we could draw the cover, and organize it however we liked. Then, in second grade, the iPads came. Lots of kids agree with me on this, and I hope I can also get the staff to agree, so, while we won’t go back to the Stone Age, we can maybe bring back pencil and paper tests, and get rid of canvas, and other unnecessary complex digital alternatives.

Cover art by Nadia B

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