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APS Marching Showcase (10/24/2019)

By Ophelia

On October, 24, 2019, a historic thing happened.

Dorothy Hamm made its first musical performance, at the APS Marching Showcase on . The Wind Ensemble and the Symphonic Band combined to play “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco. It had a well received reception.

The APS Marching Showcase is an event every year that showcases the bands of Arlington. The high schools put together a 5-10 minute show involving flag-waving, band players, gymnastics, backgrounds and music. All of the players memorize their music, and move in complex choreography. It’s like a play.

In between, when the high schools transitioned on and off the field, the middle school bands each played a pop song. For example, Williamsburg did “Havana”, and Swanson did the “Game of Thrones” theme song. “Cheap Thrills” was played by Kenmore. All of the middle schools also played their music memorized.

At the Showcase, there was a lot of stimulation. Have you ever been to a high football field? It is 100 yards long. With all the high schools on the field, they took up about 3/4 of the field as they each performed individually. Plus, they were all, moving in different directions.

It was a very cool event to go to. My eyes just hurt afterwards. I highly recommend attending it next year!

Photo credit: @TDucassoux

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