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YouTube’s New Policy Will Change Millions of Lives

by: Nathan B.
When the state of New York sued Youtube for collecting kids’ data for personalized ads, YouTube went to work. The new policy will be that anyone under 13 will have to watch YouTube Kids. I think that’s BS. Like, there are plenty of kids Channels that adults love too, Like LEGO channels that might be switched over to the kids’ app. 
 If your video is marked made for kids, the comments section will get taken away, therefore so will half of your ad revenue, and your video will not be recommended to anyone. If you do YouTube as a job this is very bad, for example, Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series might get flagged made for kids as well because of all the silly words he says as jokes. But there are some cringe videos out there like the videos that go like “He got into a battle with a bunch of hackers.” Those story videos may benefit from switching to the kids’ app.
  YouTubers Jake Paul, Pewdiepie, and Lazarbeam have already spoken out about this. Jake Paul stated that his audience is most likely 9-13-year-olds. Pewdiepie reviewed this in a rare episode of PewNews. Pewds does not know what YouTube is going to flag his Minecraft series, and is worried about other videos. Lazarbeam even made a new intro to not get flagged by “the boomers” at COPPA while playing Minecraft. If you are a small YouTuber like me with only 2-13 subs you do not care about this because you don’t make any money off it anyway. 
   If you are a channel that is mildly popular and is something both kids and adults might like, for example, LEGO, Film Theory, or theme park review channels, and you get flagged for kids, your channel will most likely slowly die. Before, if your video wasn’t kid-friendly you would get demonetized, but now if it is kid-friendly it will get demonetized. The policy has been on full effect since January 1, 2020

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